Here Are Some Amazing Resources I Use

Toodledo – hugely important tool for me. It is my electronic to-do list that syncs with my phone. Couldn’t be easier to set up. Simple and powerful.

The Five Minute Journal – this little book is amazing. Part goal setter and part gratitude journal, it will help you keep focused on what is important and be happier in less than five minutes a day. Money well spent.

Calendly – a beautiful user interface that enables other people to book meetings with you automatically without all the back and forth. Calendly syncs with your personal calendar, shows your availability and automates the entire process. I use this tool daily. Something nice about letting other people doing the scheduling heavy lifting.

Boomerang – send off emails at specific times. It also allows you to “boomerang” an email back to your gmail inbox after a predetermined time (i.e. 2 days) if the recipient never responds.

Headspace App – take their “10 minutes a day for 10 days” mediation challenge for free. It’s a guided meditation app that helps you develop the daily mediation habit. One of the only apps I pay an annual fee. Love it.

Audible – what better way to read a book while driving? Well, technically you are listening. Amazon owns this company and their app syncs perfectly with the Kindle so you can read and then hop in your car and continue listening from where you left off. I love listening to auto-biographies with the author reading their own story.

Downcast – my favorite podcast app. Has more customization offerings than the iPhone default app. Been using it for years and have no reason to change (tip: listening to podcasts in 1.5x helps fly through awesome content)

Host Gator – this blog’s hosting company. Great deals and better service. Never had an issue.

Red Oxx – I have the Air Boss travel bag and it’s well, the boss. It’s amazing how much stuff you can put in it. I hear the Sky Travel is great too because it has backpack straps but one less compartment. These are high quality travel gear.

WordPress – be like the rest of the world and build your blog on top of their technology. Easy to learn and full customizable.

Fiverr – hire a freelance. The main issue I have with Fiverr is that I find it harder to write my job description and it usually requires more post-hire instructions. But a good place to get someone to do something for cheap to free up your time.

Elance – my favorite freelance site. You can get very specific with your job requirements before the freelancer accepts the job so they clearly understand what they are bidding on. The site could be easier to navigate but once you get the hang of it, it makes sense. I have used the site for graphic design and even SEO work seamlessly.

“On Writing” by Stephen King – best book about writing out there. Read it even if you’re not a writer. It’s that good I had to include it in my resources page.

Mailchimp – my email blast software. Others use Aweber, but I found MailChimp does exactly what I need for free. I may look at Aweber later at some point, but for now, if it’s good enough for me.

Sumome – Noah Kagan’s awesome website tools site. They have a ton of available products including email opt-in popups and social share buttons to get your website growing.

Camtasia – record  your screen with audio. If you’re looking to record your own webinar or record a Skype chat, look no further.

Dropbox – sync all your files across your devices. Has 2-Step Authentication for added security. I used Google Docs before but found Dropbox to be a better product through my experience (synched better – but this was years ago).

Myfitnesspal – track the calories you consume and the exercise you do. What gets measured gets managed!

Scrivener – writing software to keep you organized. I know plenty of authors who have written best sellers with this software.